Since the early days of the European Political Cooperation (EPC), the relations with Israel have occupied a central place in European Foreign Policy. Yet this partnership has featured an unparalleled level of complexity, exhibiting conflicting patterns of cooperation and divergence over different policy areas. This course examines the different facets of the Israeli-European relations, characterized by a love-hate relationship fuelled by economic interests and deep-seated political disagreements. It traces the evolution of this uneasy partnership from the late 1950s to the present day and unpacks its dynamics in various institutional frameworks: in the context of the Middle East Peace Process, in the multilateral regional initiatives launched in the Mediterranean and on the bilateral track. The thorough analysis of this unique relationship offers valuable insights about the European Union's role as an international actor. EU-Israel relations serve as an important indicator of how well European intentions have been translated into effective policy in Israel, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. As such, this course will be of interest to students interested not only in Israel's external relations but also in EU foreign policy.