This course concentrates on framing and interpreting of modern Central European history. It puts an emphasiz on generalizing schemes as well as on Central European links to neighboring areas like Austria, Germany, Russia or the Balkans and brings also examples of national perspectives or projections of national interests to concepts of Central Europe. The course is designed for M.A. students!!!
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Main aims of the course are:
1. Discuss important topics (incl. authors and schools) relating to conceptualization of Central European history
2. Explain main schemes and approaches
3. Show general framings crossing borderlines of Central European debate
4. Verify the level of students understanding of discussed topics
The course explains basic schemes of development of modern nations and their identities including minority issue in East-Central and South-Eastern Europe with respect to its territorial context and with the use of data collected in censuses since the end of the 19th century to the end of the 20th century.