"Media and technical images" is a seminar/workshop introduction to the theory of the photographic image and visual culture. The course is designed for foreign students with a background in visual culture and image: visual studies, journalism, sociology, history of art, etc. During the seminar, students will become familiar with the development of theoretical thinking and understanding of the visuality of the 20th and 21st centuries. The course will emphasize fundamental theoretical texts from the field of visual studies and photography and put them into the context of contemporary photography, art, and media practice. Essential parts of the course are the discussions and reflection above the texts read.

The aim of this course is to raise awareness of the most common forms of visual media, photography, and increase the visual literacy of students. Students will deal with essential texts on the theory of photography accompanied by examples of relevant works from the history of photography. Students should gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the photographic media, philosophical problems related to it, and deeper their visual literacy.

Full attendance will be expected (25 points), active participation (25 points), reading of selected texts (25 points), final paper (25 points). The successful finishing of the class requires at least 75 points.