In this class, students will master the practical basics of photography. Students will learn the technical and creative basics of photography and the digital process. The important part of the class is the analysis of pictures and achieving greater visual literacy. Students should be interested in visual culture and photography. The class is time-consuming; it is necessary to take photographs every week outside the timeframe of lectures. CLASS IS FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS ONLY!!!

The aim of the class is to master the photographic process with a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, to understand and master the photography process, digital workflow, to achieve the basics of the creative, compositional, and decompositional part of photography. Mastering of the digital photographic camera leads to the ability to previsualization, work better with any type of modern automatic digital camera. Students should broaden their visual literacy skills, master the basics of the photographic process and taking photographs, and learn about the basic characteristics of the photographic medium in general.

The class is divided into a theoretical part, discussions, and picture analysis. In their free time, students take photographs in the field.

Students are required to have basic knowledge and experience in working with image processing software, e.g. Photoshop. Teaching the use of image processing software is not a part of this course!

Own DSLR camera and the personal computer necessary.